Friday, July 18, 2008

Its been a long time

Today's Weight: 251.6

I haven't blogged anywhere since June 3rd. I probably also have not written anything in my novel, A Setting Sun, recently either. I am in total fitness mode. For awhile after I made my first post on the Scale blog, I was too depressed to post anything. I was still drinking pop and eating ice cream. Then, I started to get this persistent bad taste in my mouth. I was worried that a fungus was growing on the back on my tongue. My Doctor said it was probably acid reflux and prescribed Prilosec. She said to stop all acidy foods and drinks. I said I drink a lot of pop (probably 4-5 cans a day). The way she looked at me made me feel a little childish. A few days later I gave up pop and started eating a sensible diet. Thirty pounds later, I just at the beginning of my journey. Its a long way down to achieve true health, but its worth it (280 also seems like a long time ago). The sad thing is that I've done this type of weight loss twice now within a two year span. This time I'm confident it will stick this time, but one reason I ate so bad for so long was that I knew I could start losing anytime I wanted. Bad psychology.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First, I Call Out my Enemies

Homemade: Too damned good

Today's Weight: 280.5

When I'm exercising, I like to imagine how much more I could do if I was not carrying a hundred extra pounds on my 5'91/2" frame. I've been working out steadily at work for three years now. I've lost about 67 pounds over that time. The problem is that I've gained 60 pounds. My favorite piece of equipment is the treadmill. I find that its a good metaphor for what's happened for the past few years.

Today, I had my best effort in awhile a 29:30 3-mile. I imagined doing this nine years ago when I weighed 180 pounds. I would have to run three-miles with a solid 10 or 11 year on my back. I don't think I could have done it. If I get that child off my back, how well could I run? At my peak I ran a 20-minute 3-mile in Cross. Can I get there? Ask me again in year.

That's my plan. To lose the weight again. 100 pounds in year. How will I do this? Maintaining my workout regimen and eliminating my three enemies: pop, french fries, and Premium Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (easily the best ice cream and the best cookie dough my miles). Today was my last day. Wish me luck, Internet.