Friday, July 18, 2008

Its been a long time

Today's Weight: 251.6

I haven't blogged anywhere since June 3rd. I probably also have not written anything in my novel, A Setting Sun, recently either. I am in total fitness mode. For awhile after I made my first post on the Scale blog, I was too depressed to post anything. I was still drinking pop and eating ice cream. Then, I started to get this persistent bad taste in my mouth. I was worried that a fungus was growing on the back on my tongue. My Doctor said it was probably acid reflux and prescribed Prilosec. She said to stop all acidy foods and drinks. I said I drink a lot of pop (probably 4-5 cans a day). The way she looked at me made me feel a little childish. A few days later I gave up pop and started eating a sensible diet. Thirty pounds later, I just at the beginning of my journey. Its a long way down to achieve true health, but its worth it (280 also seems like a long time ago). The sad thing is that I've done this type of weight loss twice now within a two year span. This time I'm confident it will stick this time, but one reason I ate so bad for so long was that I knew I could start losing anytime I wanted. Bad psychology.